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Bride Jacket with pearl button and delicate collar

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Bridal cashmere jacket with pearl buttons and collar is a very relevant piece of clothing that not only allows you to decorate the bridal look, but in which the bride will feel warm and comfortable. Wearing it, you can not be afraid to freeze, not to worry about a sudden change in weather and a strong sudden wind. This elegant and incredibly soft cover up made of natural wool with real cashmere will perfectly match your wedding dress. It will perfectly match both lush, lacy, minimalistic and bohemian style gowns.

Our cozy and warm wedding bolero is a perfect addition to the bridal look. Warm and soft cover up is a simple but at the same time a stylish and luxurious bridal accessory.

Jacket is made of natural soft wool with cashmere

Lining: silky viscose lining
Decoration: pearls buttons

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