Veil with flowers
Veil with flowers
Veil with flowers
Veil with flowers
Veil with flowers
Veil with flowers
Veil with flowers
Veil with flowers

Veil with flowers

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This elegant and classic soft tulle veil with cultivated pearl embroidery flowers can be a finished drop to your adorable bridal look. Veil has a single-layer embroidery of very soft English tulle with small cultivated pearls with a raw edge round cut.

COLOR is very light ivory. This chapel veil looks lean and streamlined. It goes well with 99% bridal dress styles. Beautiful floor length veil offers a simple adorable style. All veils go with clear metal comb.
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Best to take your measurements in form fitting clothes or with a bra + undies on.
S t e p 1 | b u s t
Wrap the tape measure across the fullest part of your bust. use your bra’s band as a guide, dipping slightly along your back to follow where
the fabric hits. make sure you’re pulling tight enough that there’s only about a pinkies width of room between the tape measure and your
S t e p 2 | w a i s t
Stand in front of a mirror and tip side to side. you’ll see natural creases that accentuate the smallest part of your waist. this is where you want
to wrap your tape measure. be sure not to pull snug, you want an accurate measurement.
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Stand sideways while looking in a mirror to identify the fullest part of your hips. this will be from the fullest part of your backside to the front of
your pelvis. wrap the tape measure along this line, making sure there are no dips or snags while pulling. typically, the fullest part of your hips
is about ten inches down from your belly button. make sure you are not wearing shoes while taking hip measurements. this can skew the
S t e p 4 | l e n g t h + h e i g h t
Length is often standard for many designers but some may modify to your request. measure from your waist down to the respective hem
placement. additionally, providing your height is helpful to our designers.
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