About Us

Dear Brides and lovely Customers!

We are a small family atelier where we have been working on the creation of bridal outfits for more than 15 years.Creating clothes and sewing process for the most important day is not only a hobby, but also a life’s work for us and our women’s team. Today, despite the difficult days, we continue working, creating new products for you and making brides from all over the world happy.In Artpodium Studio we make an unique bridal outerwear, modern bridal outfit and accessories. In our collections we try to emphasize the style and beauty of the modern bride. We use only high-quality and unusual fabrics, strictly monitor the quality. We will be glad to perform for you any dress or jacket from our collection, both in its original form and with individual modifications. We are always open to dialogue, and will be glad to provide any support in the selection and ordering process.You are welcome with any questions or quote!

Regards, Alice and Anastasia

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What makes us different


Our products are timeless, versatile and perfectly match most wedding dress styles and will be useful not only wedding day, but also every occasion


All products are made with high quality fabric. We use a yarn from the most reliable family owned companies in Italy with a focus on sustainability.


Our products are handcrafted with design in mind by experienced and talented team, that used to work with bride more than 15 years.

ARTPODIUM.studio, rooted in a family atelier, offers bridal sweaters and wedding jackets crafted with love. Originating in Sintra, Portugal, our idea was born when our own elopement faced a cold twist. Combining a wedding dress's elegance with a wool sweater's warmth, we created something special.

Our bridal sweaters are more than cover-ups; they're symbols of warmth and personal touch on your special day. Each piece, blending bespoke artistry and fluffy textures, caters to brides valuing individuality and comfort.

Our Purpose

ARTPODIUM is not just apparel; it's a part of your journey, a stitch of love in your story. On your wedding day, let us add a layer of love, ensuring you stay warm, confident, and uniquely yourself. Celebrate with us, where every garment narrates your unique tale.